Holiday on Hamilton Island Queensland

Choose Hamilton Island for Your Next Vacation

Hamilton Island receives glowing reviews as one of Australia’s most spectacular holiday destinations. It is home to the famous Whitehaven Beach, the Great Barrier Reef to name but a few natural wonders. Those with a penchant for exploration will love venturing out in the waters for a view of the marine life. This island is […]

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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning In Australia

Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning Keeping your carpet clean can be a tedious job, especially if there are children around the home or the carpet is in a high traffic area. Dirt, oil and food stains can all be a hassle, and they all require different methods of cleaning. Many people would choose to call a carpet steam […]

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Aussie Icons

Aussie Icons

Aussie Icons are symbols that represent the culture and traditions held dear by the people of Australia. They remind them of who they really are and what has contributed to their being unique amongst other people in the world. These icons bring the citizens together in celebrating their heritage. There are very many icons through […]

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rain water tank

Don’t let rainwater go to waste! Collect and store it in a rain water tank

Most of Australia has a rather arid climate, and water scarcity has long been a source of concern. However, droughts experienced during recent years have pronounced the problem. Water prices have been increasing in many areas, and this may be causing residents to further examine the availability of water and how they use it. Many who […]

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Custom camper

How to setup a camper trailer tent ready for a good night’€™s sleep

While on a camping holiday you must ensure that you get good sleep. If you do not sleep well then you become grumpy and do not enjoy all the activities during the holidays. Setting up a camper trailer tent like those available from Australian manufacturers like GIC Campers has to be done in the right way. This is the […]

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Moving abroad

One of the main things you need to recitals is how to you move your belongings. The first question you ask yourself is what you should want to take? A part of that decision can be based on the place where you are moving. If you are moving to Australia for years it could indeed […]

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Outdoor Business

Female Pilot

When people are asked what is the one thing they are missing from their lives or the one thing they wish they did more often the number 1 answer is always travel. Everyone wants to see the world and most want to do it the most comfortable and affordable way possible which is more often […]

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Central railway station, Brisbane

Central railway station is located on the North Coast line in Queensland, Australia. It is the principal station on the City network and is located in the Brisbane central business district. Location: Corner Ann & Edward Streets, Brisbane

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Brisbane City Hall

Architectural style Italian Renaissance Location King George Square, Brisbane Address Adelaide Street, Brisbane City, Queensland Built between 1920 and 1930, the heritage-listed City Hall is seen as the heart of Brisbane and has been the backdrop to many cultural, social and civic events. Having undergone a $215 million restoration, City Hall is the perfect place […]

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Australian Wildlife: The Kangaroo

The Australian Wildlife features the kangaroo, a large mammal growing over six feet tall, known primarily for its hopping movement. It belongs to the class of marsupials, from the Macropodidae family. This name is derived from macropods, literally, “large feet.” The name kangaroo also embraces several kinds of mammals in the genus Macropus. This is […]

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Famous Australians

Australia – a Rainbow of Cultures

Australia has its stereotypes – the bronzed surfer, the intrepid Aboriginal, the battle-ready soldier and sportsman, a down-to-earth humour – and yet these stereotypes are all authentic depictions of life Down Under. Australia is a multicultural country. Immigration had been free and frequent at one time. The resultant melting pot of diverse ethnicities has filtered […]

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cycling in Australia

Festival of cycling in Australia

The Tour Down Under is not just another bike race that attracts only a handful of participants or spectators. It is much more than that. This race is actually a major festival of cycling that includes a wide range of events. The Tour Down Under is a massive party that takes place all across South […]

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Going Camping

While packing your tent to take with you on your camping holiday, you must also make sure that you have kept all the important parts needed for installing the tent such as all the frame poles and the pegs. We can sum up a few easy to do to set up the tent of your camper trailers.

Dream-destination spas, fine dining, and a thriving nightlife are just a few of the reasons Cairns is rapidly becoming a favorite entry point for international travelers. Relaxed charm and welcoming weather make everyone want to linger, and those who do aren’t disappointed.

Mount Isa saddles up

Held from 12-14 August, The Mount Isa Rotary Rodeo in northwest Queensland is one of Outback Australia’s biggest annual events. This year’s event features a ‘Country of Origin Bull Ride’ with American, Canadian, Brazilian and Kiwi rodeo stars taking on local Aussie talent. More than 26,000 visitors will enjoy a spectacular festival of world-class rodeo action, entertainment and Outback atmosphere. Other rodeo week events include the Zonta Bush Poets Breakfast and Mailman Express Sprint Horse Race.

Great Barrier Reef

With more than 100 islands, the Great Barrier Reef provides countless experiences from water sports like diving and swimming to relaxing on the white sands of Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island. Travellers can head to Hayman, qualia and Lizard Island for the utmost luxury while based on an island.